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Hog Light Remote

Hog Light Remote Control is an exciting use of Ranch Remotes “toggle” technology that allows you to control your hog lights using a walkie-talkie.  With Hog Light Remote Control, you simply press the Push-to-Talk button to turn the lights on or off.

The Hog Light Remote Control will work for miles.  You can even use the same transmit radio you use for your other Ranch Remote products.  Just set the channel for the Hog Light Remote and have ultra max gold hgh fun.

The Hog Light Remote Control can control either 120VAC or battery powered lights. 

As with all Ranch Remote products, installation is simple.  There are four external wires, two will go to the 12V battery/solar panel combination (powers the Hog Light Remote) while the other two wires connect between the power source and the lights.  Your lights can be powered by 120VAC for permanent installations or by 12V battery/solar panel portable installations.  Either way, you are covered.

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