deer feeder remoteDeer Feeder Remote Control allows users to remotely dispense corn when they want, as they want. The Deer Feeder Remote Control system works for miles!

Have multiple feeders? No problem. Because this system uses walkie-talkie technology, you can independently control multiple feeders using one transmit walkie-talkie.

How It Works

Each Deer Feeder Remote Control has a receiver walkie-talkie inside, which is set to a unique channel. The user programs a second (transmitter) walkie-talkie to the same channel. When the user presses and holds the "talk" button on the transmitter walkie-talkie, the feeder is activated, and corn is dispensed. To activate a different feeder, simply change the transmitter to the different feeder's "channel" and press the talk button.

The Deer Feeder Remote Control system is designed for minimum battery drain and includes an additional solar panel. Both 6 volt and 12 volt systems are available; it works with all feeders. One (Motorola brand) receiver walkie-talkie is included in each system. While the receiver walkie-talkie must be a Motorola brand, any brand of walkie-talkie can be used for the transmit walkie-talkie.

Don't have a second walkie-talkie? No problem! We sell walkie-talkies and batteries in our online store.

Save money on corn:
  • Set your timer to minimum time for days when you're not hunting.
  • Put out as much corn as you want during the hunt.
Professional hunting ranches:
  • Quickly check each feeder before the client arrives.
  • Check from the road with just one transmitter.
  • Let the guide control the feeder during the hunt.
  • Quick test the feeder when first arriving for the hunt.
  • Dispense corn as you want, when you want.
12 month Warranty

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